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Over 400 FREE Video lessons and expert advice.

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Over 400 FREE Videos & Expert Advice

Free video lessons, expert advice, books, and resources to help your child.

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Expert Advice

Watch Stuart Ackerman's 'Teacher Time' show and other television appearances to get expert advice to help your child learn. Find out how nutrition, video games, pets and other every day activities can improve your child's grades.

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Recommended Books

Learn which books will help your child learn! Stuart shows you how each genre of book helps your child with his or her curriculum. Find the best science books, history books, graphic novels, math workbooks, mysteries, science fiction novels, and much more!

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Learning Resources

Here you will find some of the best resources to help your child learn in all areas. Stuart Ackerman shows you some of the best products currently in the market covering all learning areas such as math, autism, phonics, and much more!

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FREE Video Lessons

Watch over 400 FREE video lessons in math, writing, reading, and grammar from grades 1-8 (and even some grade 9 and 10 math). Your child can watch and learn any lesson as many times needed, 24/7. Every video has a worksheet (that can be purchased via. that is taken up in the video lesson itself.

I would like to thank all the parents and teachers who have thanked me. I am glad to help so many kids learn!